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Chain of branded stores Samsung:

23 retail stores

Kyiv, Stepana Bandery Ave, 21

Kyiv, Lesi Ukrainky Blvd, 4

Kyiv, Mykhaila Hryshka St, 3а, Shopping Center “Aladdin”

Kyiv, Hnata Khotkevycha St, 1В, Shopping Center “Prospect”

Kyiv, Berkovetska St, 6D, Shopping Center “Lavina Mall”

Kyiv, Academician Palladin St, 16, Shopping Center “Academ City”

Kyiv, Khreschatyk St, 38, TsUM

Vinnytsia, 600-Richchya St, 17, Shopping Center “Megamoll”

Vinnytsia, Mykoly Ovodova St, 51/Soborna St, 24, Shopping Center “Sky Park”

Dnipropetrovs’k, Nyzhn’odniprovs’ka St, 17, Yuvileine, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Shopping Center “Caravan”

Dnipropetrovs’k, Dmytra Yavornytskoho Ave, 50, Shopping Mall “Passage”

Dnipropetrovs’k, Hlinky St, 2, Shopping Center “MOST-Citi”

Zaporizhzhia, Zaporiz’ka St, 1, Shopping Center “City Mall”

Ivano-Frankivs’k, Ivana Mykolaichuka St, 2, Shopping Center “Arsen”

Kryvyi Rih, 30-ty richchia Peremohy Square, 1, Soniachna Halereia Shopping Mall

L’viv, Pid Dubom St, 7B, Shopping Center “Forum”

L’viv, Kulparkivska St, 226 А, Shopping Center “Victoria Gardens”

Odesa, Marshala Zhukova Ave, 2, Shopping Mall “City Center”

Odesa,   Nezalezhnost Sq, 1,  Shopping Center “Panorama”

Rivne, Makarova St, 23, Ekvator Shopping Mall

Ternopil, Tekstyl’na St, 28ch, Shopping Center “Podolyany”

Kharkiv, Heroiv Pratsi St, 9, Shopping Mall “Dafi”

Chernihiv, Proektna St, 1, Hollywood Mall

Mykolaiv, Pr-t Central, 98, Shopping Center”City Center”

Samsung – is an undeniable leader in manufacturing of electronics, that’s available for everyone.
In Samsung online brand store we offer products, manufactured on the base of the latest developments in area of technique, of all product groups.

Galaxy series smartphones are famous for high quality and innovations as well as stylish and nifty design.
Galaxy tab series tablets are powerful and efficient assistants in everything from games and social media to emails and presentations.

Innovative Samsung TVs are best for watching favourites films, serials intended with enriched colors and amazing refresh rate, processing speed and backlight technology.
In addition with Home theatres, that make sound totally immersive, you’ll feel more real what’s on the screen.

Samsung cameras have the speed, performance and accuracy you need to shoot breathtaking photos or high quality video, that you can share directly from your camera via WI-FI, Bluetooth or NFC.

Welcome to the new home enhanced by Samsung home appliances with a smart control for greater freedom.
Induction, electric hobs and ovens with pre-programmed recipes optimises the taste and texture of your food.

With Samsung refrigerators you can always rely on freshness of your products, and Side-by-side series fridges are the best for a large family.

Light and easy-to-use vacuums are the best assistants in home cleaning.

Samsung washers with large tub size and fast wash cycle are designed to make doing laundry easier.

In Samsung online brand store we also offer a wide range of accessories.