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authorized Samsung stores


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Our Values

Knowledge as an improvement tool

We are constantly improving ourselves to make the world a better place.

We adapt and harmonize the world's leading trends and always reach for a higher level of knowledge, skills and by sharing our experience along the way our journey we are improving the great results we already have.

Not a Result but The Result

The result for us is the most important and we are discovering all the possible ways to achieve it.

We never look for excuses, we only look for possibilities. We are always aware of the risks. We work outside of the box. We are rigorous in achieving our goals. We always achieve and reach more than expected from us.


We create truly the best client experience.

Every single time we demonstrate top-level loyalty to our external and internal clients. We always try to be in the client's shoes to make the best decision for them.

Team players

We always support, help, and care for each other and are respectful to the opinion of others.

We tend and not only listen but hear everybody. And we always help with a good deed of a piece of advice. We keep calm in any situation. Empathy is standard. We use and rely on the strong suits of each other.


We are taking responsibility and always follow through.

We fulfill our duties responsively and in a quality manner. We understand if we did something wrong and we always have our lessons learned. And we always deliver on what we promised.


We are filled with energy, positivity and gladly inspire others.

We give others the spark, the emotion, and inspiration for the new and better ideas. We look at the core of everything and understand the value of even routine labor. By doing our best every single time we inspire people to be better and to do better. We always create a positive and live atmosphere and a smile never leaves our faces.